This classic book on memory improvement has been completely re-typeset and formatted in 2011 for greater readability and comprehension.
How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces and Facts is now available for only $11.99!

You WERE NOT Born with a Poor Memory! 
Remembering is a process that must be learned, just like walking, talking, eating, telling colors apart, distinguishing sounds, and telling time. 
You can learn the process of using your memory just as thoroughly and when you do you will have in your power a hundred times the knowledge and experience you actually put to use now. Anyone can do it. "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" will show you how! 
With its easy-to-read lessons, tips and tricks, and fun memory exercises, "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" will be helping you to improve your memory, especially for names, faces and facts, in no time! 
A sample of its chapters includes...  
* Chapter 1: A Mental Filing System that Really Works  
* Chapter 2: How to Get Your First Five Mental Hooks  
* Chapter 5: How to Remember What You Read  
* Chapter 6: Five More Keys that Unlock Memory  
* Chapter 9: Five Little Words that Increase Your Memory by a Third  
* Chapter 11: How Salesmen Sell Their Memories for Cash  
* Chapter 12: The Art of Forgetting the Right Things  
* Chapter 14: How to Speak in Public Without Notes  
* Chapter 16: The Cost of Forgetting the Wrong Things  
* Chapter 18: How to Remember Numbers  
* Chapter 20: Interesting Facts and How to Recall Them



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