The Best Hebrew Vocabulary Builder this Side of the Jordan!
Over the last two years I have considered how to make this book more useful to YOU, the seminarian and pastor. I've worked hard to produce a reference that will guide you to master over 80% of the word occurrences in the Old Testament text. I'm excited to announce that the newest edition of "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!" is now available for purchase!

Many important new additions and helps have been made — I feel this is this is THE best practical Hebrew vocabulary builder on the market today!

From the 2013 Author Preface:

Included in the 2013 Expanded Revision:

  • Author Preface.
  • Improved formatting.
  • More comprehensive Hebrew definitions.
  • Instructions on how to create your own effective mnemonics.
  • “Create Your Own Mnemonics” Appendix.
  • High-frequency vocabulary contained in the standard vocabulary section is now denoted.
  • Inclusion of all high-frequency words in the Hebrew text. Those mastering the “Bonus Vocabulary” words, along with the other denoted high-frequency vocabulary, will raise their recognition to over 80% of all Hebrew word occurrences in the Old Testament.
  • Basic grammatical helps for recognition of nouns, verbs and other parts of speech.
  • New information on how to manage Hebrew “homonyms.”
  • Improved “Read-Aloud” exercises that are more accessible to beginning students.
  • More comprehensive “Homophone” challenges.
  • Revised and expanded chapter notes.
  • Improved example mnemonics.
  •  “Important Points to Remember” after every chapter containing summary ideas and helpful tips.

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