We're happy to announce that we will be beginning to book presentations on how to memorize from the Bible.

Topics Include:
*A Brief History of Mnemonics
*Memorization of Scripture by the Hebrews
*Principles of Memorization
*Mnemonics for Memorizing the Bible
* And More!

If you are a pastor or parishioner in the south Wisconsin area, please contact us for more information to book a presentation for your church.

10 Tips to Improve Your Memory Instantly

Do you want to improve your memory immediately? No special techniques or skills required. These 10 tips will help improve your memory right away!

If you want to quickly improve your memory without having to learn any special skills or mnemonics practice these tips. These are the top 10 memory tips and memory aids to instantly improve your recall at any age.

10 tips for Better Memory:

1. Pay Attention. This may seem obvious, but try it. Often when you try and memorize, you are on "autopilot" and not focusing your attention. You cannot forget something you never really remembered in the first place. Make certain to understand, or gain an appreciation of the value of what you are seeking to learn.

2. Create Associations. Actively seek to forge new associations with what you are learning to knowledge you already have. This will greatly reinforce your learning and improve the odds of moving the information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.

3. Form Visual Associations. Any information that is concrete and tangible is more memorable than abstract information. Seek to visualize in some fashion what you are learning. Doing so will force you to pay attention (the number one tip).

4. Repetition. Use it or lose it. It has been said, "repetition is the mother of learning" for good reason. Modern research has proven this centuries old maxim. Review information at regularly spaced intervals for long term retention.

5. Read information out loud and write it out. The more physical senses you use in remembering, the better. The "ancients" always read out loud for a reason – it helped memory retention when memory was essential prior the printing press. Modern research confirms this practice.

6. Use Memory Prompts or Cues. Don't be afraid to write out "sticky-notes" or other reminders for yourself. The use of a string around your finger is a simple method to prompt you memory. Use other creative ways to prompt your memory by using visual cues to remind you.

7. Locational Memory. The first mnemonic device was used by recalling location. Have you been to a library and know where a certain section of books are but don't know the call numbers? Location helps you remember. Try to recall where you learned information to help your recall.

8. Get Necessary Sleep. Research has shown that information is "consolidated" in the memory during sleep. Try not to skimp on sleep. More than six hours is best.

9. Rhyme. You likely learned the alphabet based on this principle. Anything rhymed or sung is more easily remembered.

10. Relax. This relates to the first tip. If you are anxious, you will not be able to focus. If you are trying to remember something, force yourself to think of something different. Often it will "come to you" when you are not actively trying to recall a temporarily lost thought or memory.

By using these 10 tips, you will instantly improve your memory and ability for recollection. For more advanced methods of memory improvement, begin learning mnemonics. The Link System is the first mnemonic systems to learn and only takes minutes to dramatically improve your memory.

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Develop a POWERFUL Memory at Any Age!

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The Best Hebrew Vocabulary Builder this Side of the Jordan!
Over the last two years I have considered how to make this book more useful to YOU, the seminarian and pastor. I've worked hard to produce a reference that will guide you to master over 80% of the word occurrences in the Old Testament text. I'm excited to announce that the newest edition of "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!" is now available for purchase!

Many important new additions and helps have been made — I feel this is this is THE best practical Hebrew vocabulary builder on the market today!

From the 2013 Author Preface:

Included in the 2013 Expanded Revision:

  • Author Preface.
  • Improved formatting.
  • More comprehensive Hebrew definitions.
  • Instructions on how to create your own effective mnemonics.
  • “Create Your Own Mnemonics” Appendix.
  • High-frequency vocabulary contained in the standard vocabulary section is now denoted.
  • Inclusion of all high-frequency words in the Hebrew text. Those mastering the “Bonus Vocabulary” words, along with the other denoted high-frequency vocabulary, will raise their recognition to over 80% of all Hebrew word occurrences in the Old Testament.
  • Basic grammatical helps for recognition of nouns, verbs and other parts of speech.
  • New information on how to manage Hebrew “homonyms.”
  • Improved “Read-Aloud” exercises that are more accessible to beginning students.
  • More comprehensive “Homophone” challenges.
  • Revised and expanded chapter notes.
  • Improved example mnemonics.
  •  “Important Points to Remember” after every chapter containing summary ideas and helpful tips.

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Learn Hebrew & Greek Biblical Vocabulary in One Volume!

With the recent release of "Biblical Greek: Vocabulary Made Easy!" I've combined and reformatted both books into one easily accessible volume.

With the same helps found in "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!" the Greek version will cover all word occurrences of 50 times or more. 

Statistically, this will allow recognition of 4 out of 5 Greek words occurring in the New Testament text!

Altogether, the reader will learn over 800 Biblical vocabulary words!

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Have you seen our new promo video for "The Triad System"?

More details are offered on how the system operates and how it will benefit the modern Hebrew student.

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You CAN Learn Biblical Hebrew!

Nearly four years in development -- "The Triad System" is now nearly ready for publication!

Using this never seen before method,  you will be able to learn Biblical Hebrew!

Utilizing principles from the ancient "art of memory" you will learn how to quickly:
*Identify the seven Hebrew stems (Binyan)
*Learn the Strong Hebrew Verbs (Perfect and Imperfect!)
*Learn the Hebrew Imperatives
*Learn the Hebrew Infinitives
*Learn the Hebrew Participles
*Much More!


We are looking forward to 2012 as we begin to promote our books on memory!

To start, we've got new illustrations coming for our "My Body Remembers The 10 Commandments!" which will be promoted nationally.

Next, we've got some exciting new revisions made to "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!" which will be demonstrated at various seminary communities throughout the United States!

In addition, we have many new events and promotions being planned to help other "learn by heart" without the drudgery of rote memorization!

If you or your school or business would be interested in the opportunity to participate in our upcoming promos, please go to our contact page!

Here's to an exciting 2012!