We are looking forward to 2012 as we begin to promote our books on memory!

To start, we've got new illustrations coming for our "My Body Remembers The 10 Commandments!" which will be promoted nationally.

Next, we've got some exciting new revisions made to "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!" which will be demonstrated at various seminary communities throughout the United States!

In addition, we have many new events and promotions being planned to help other "learn by heart" without the drudgery of rote memorization!

If you or your school or business would be interested in the opportunity to participate in our upcoming promos, please go to our contact page!

Here's to an exciting 2012! 
Learn How, Why and Which Memory Verses to Memorize from the Bible!

With thousands of passages to chose from in the first five books of the Bible, which should you memorize? This unique guide gives a brief synopsis of each book of Moses, hi-lights important passages and explains why each passage is important to memorize for the Christian.Includes 2 FREE Bonuses: "How to learn Scripture by Heart" and "Books and Divisions of the Bible"! 

Now Available from Amazon.com, Memory Verses: The Books of Moses.From the AuthorMemorizing Bible verses can be an intimidating and confusing process -- which passages are important to learn by heart?This e-book will show you what passages are useful for the Christian to memorize. Memory verses are chosen primarily by their clarity in pointing to Jesus Christ, the focus of all Scripture.In this book you will learn:
  • Why The 10 Commandments were given.
  • How the Day of Atonement looks forward to Jesus Christ.
  • Who is the Star of Jacob.
  • How a Christian is made "holy," or set apart, to God.
  • Much more!
In addition two FREE resources are included: Learn How to Memorize Scripture by Heart  and Books and Divisions of the Bible. Ideal for individuals looking to get the most of their time memorizing the Bible and for teachers of the Bible.

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